Cake Bank is a retail outlet and does not have any branches. The only  outlet is located in Himayathnagar, Hyderabad. In 1989, when Cake Bank was  born only a few handful and select cold cakes and pastries like pineapple, butter cream cakes and pastries were prepared. However as the demand for cold cakes and pastries started growing, we  introduced new flavours. The ever-growing demand for cold cakes and pastries  now became our hunting ground to reinvent by giving way to new tastes and  concepts without compromising on traditional blends and recipes. Along with our  regular cakes, our speciality is the seasonal fruit flavours, like the mouth  watering fresh strawberry, the ever delicious fresh mango, the lip smacking jamun,  the salubrious seethaphal and the oriental muskmelon. The all time favourite of  the customers is the fresh fruit or mixed fruit cake which also goes by the name of  Premium cakes. Irani biscuits are the famous Osmania (sweet and salt), salt biscuit,  moon (Chand) and tie biscuits There is a wide range of chocolate and dry fruit  varieties of cakes to choose from. Photo cakes are a hot favourite on birthday  and anniversaries.Straight from the oven we have our crunchy cookies which  include fruit, cashew (kaju), coconut, chococashew (chocolate kaju) biscuits and vanilla rings. Continuing the now nearly. Customers love to take a bite of our hot and crispy vegetarian and non vegetarian  curry-puffs.We have our set of regular customers along with the walk-in set, day to  day orders, advance orders, bulk and party orders, corporate orders are executed  with tasteful precision. Tele orders are also taken but the tag line remains that all  orders are delivered at the shop only. No door delivery.  © CAKE BANK     ALLRIGHTS RESERVED 2013                        IDESIGN WEB TECHNOLOGIES  powered by